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Podium Button Module Endurance

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PC This product is compatible with PC. Click label for more details.
PS Ready This product becomes compatible with PlayStation systems when combined with a PlayStation-licensed Wheel Base. Click label for more details.
XBox Ready This product becomes compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S systems when combined with an Xbox-licensed Steering Wheel. Click label for more details.

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  • Upgrade module for Podium Hub and ClubSport Universal Hub for Xbox One (with included adaptor)
  • Real carbon fibre front plate and internal metal reinforcements for maximum stability
  • Rubber-coated glass fibre reinforced backplate
  • Lightweight at 410g
  • Full-scale replica to class-leading endurance GT3 racing car
  • 10 buttons
  • Two 2-way toggle switches
  • Two 12-way Multi-Position Switches with Encoder Mode (endless rotation)
  • One FunkySwitch (7-way joystick/encoder)
  • One analogue joystick (2-axis)
  • Nine RGB high-intensity RevLEDs
  • Two FlagLED groups with three RGB high-intensity LEDs each
  • User-defined LED behavior via FanaLab
  • Integrated 2.7” 256x64 resolution OLED display
  • Tuning functions in the OLED display
  • Support for Intelligent Telemetry Mode (ITM)
  • Clutch bite point indication on the OLED display (when used in combination with the Podium Advanced Paddle Module)
  • Detachable button caps, compatible with other Fanatec button caps (Xbox, PS4, Racing Style)
  • Compatible with Fanatec R911, R911S, and R300 wheel rims
  • Reversible DataPort-C connector
  • Customisable button labels (sticker set included)



  • ClubSport Universal Hub for Xbox One
  • ClubSport Universal Hub V2
  • ClubSport Universal Hub V2 for Xbox
  • Podium Hub


Wheel Bases:

This product is only compatible with the following wheel bases:

  • PODIUM Wheel Base DD1
  • PODIUM Wheel Base DD2
  • PODIUM Wheel Base DD1 PS4™
  • ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5
  • CSL DD Wheel Base
  • Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base
  • CSL Elite Wheel Base +
  • CSL Elite Wheel Base V1.1


Wheel Rims:

  • Podium Wheel Rim Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Suede)
  • Podium Wheel Rim Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Leather)
  • Podium Wheel Rim R300*
  • ClubSport Wheel Rim 320
  • ClubSport Wheel Rim 320 Alcantara®

Note: Wheel rims like the ClubSport Drift are compatible but not recommended. The ClubSport Wheel Rim GT and similar rims are NOT compatible due to the proximity of the spokes and buttons.

*Due to the smaller diameter of the R300, there is a tight clearance between the Button Module Endurance and the base of the wheel rim.


  • Xbox One®: the Podium Button Module Endurance is compatible with Xbox One when used with the ClubSport Universal Hub for Xbox One. The functionality of this product on Xbox One can be limited by the capabilities of the console (subject to firmware/OS changes and developer support).
  • PS4: the Podium Button Module Endurance is compatible with PS4 when used with the Podium Wheel Base DD1 PS4™ (part of the Podium Racing Wheel F1® PS4™ package). The functionality of this product on PS4 can be limited by the capabilities of the console (subject to firmware/OS changes and developer support). 
  • PC: Full functionality is also game-dependent and subject to developer support.

Special Notes

  • The Podium Button Module Endurance extends the distance between the Hub and Wheel Rim by 11mm.
  • This product is only suitable for wheel rims with a 6x70mm hole pattern.
  • If you wish to use this product with a third-party wheel rim, please check the sizing template in the Downloads section.

Packaging Details

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 33.5cm x 21cm x 10cm
  • Weight 0.8kg
  • Volume weight 1.29kg

What's included

  • 1x Podium Button Module Endurance
  • 6x M5x25mm bolts
  • 1x DataPort-C to RJ12 adaptor
  • 1x Porsche-style sticker set
  • 1x Quick Guide

Technical Specifications

  • Platform PC, PS4 Ready, XBox One Ready
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For proper functionality of the Podium Button Module Endurance, please download the Software Package and follow the instructions on the Fanatec Forum:

Your wheel base might need a firmware update to use this product. Firmware updates are initiated through the Fanatec Driver, available in the Downloads section on this page. This is a simple process that must be completed using a Windows PC (desktop or laptop). Stay informed about our latest driver releases via the Fanatec forum


My firmware is up to date and I cannot reflash it Mon firmware est à jour et je ne peux pas le reflasher Mi firmware está actualizado y no puedo “reflashearlo” Il mio firmware è aggiornato e non posso aggiornarlo Meine Firmware ist auf dem neuesten Stand und ich kann diese nicht erneut flashen

With the new firmware manager, the ‘’Update’’ button will remain grey and not available in case you are having the latest firmware installed on your devices. This of course doesn’t mean that you are still not able to reflash/reinstall the firmware again. To make the option become available again, press the Manual Firmware Update button in the top right corner of the Firmware Manager window:  




This will unlock the firmware update option for each device. You can then proceed and perform the firmware update/reflash on the device you wish:  


Remarque : suivez les instructions ci-dessous uniquement lorsque vous êtes sûr à 100 % que la version du pilote PC est compatible avec vos produits Fanatec connectés. La dernière version du pilote PC est toujours disponible sur .

Avec le nouveau gestionnaire de firmware, le bouton « Update » restera gris et non disponible au cas où vous auriez le dernier firmware installé sur vos appareils. Cela ne signifie bien sûr pas que vous ne pouvez toujours pas reflasher/réinstaller le firmware à nouveau. Pour que l'option redevienne disponible, appuyez sur le bouton Manual Firmware Update dans le coin supérieur droit de la fenêtre Firmware Manager :

Cela débloquera l'option de mise à jour du Firmware pour chaque appareil. Vous pouvez ensuite procéder et effectuer la mise à jour/reflashage du firmware sur l'appareil de votre choix :

Con el nuevo administrador de firmware (firmware updater), el botón de actualización (“Update”)  permanecerá en gris y no estará disponible en caso de que tenga el firmware más reciente instalado en sus dispositivos. Esto por supuesto no significa que no pueda reflashear o reinstalar el firmware de nuevo. Para activar la opción una vez más, seleccione la opción de actualización manual del firmware (Manual Firmware Update) ubicada en la esquina superior derecha en la ventana del administrador de firmware. 

Esto permitirá la opción de actualización de firmware para cada dispositivo. Entonces puede continuar y realizar la actualización de firmware o bien “reflashear” el dispositivo que desee. 

Con il nuovo gestore del firmware, il pulsante "Aggiorna" rimarrà grigio e non disponibile nel caso in cui sui dispositivi sia installato il firmware più recente. Questo, ovviamente, non significa che non sei ancora in grado di eseguire nuovamente il reflash/reinstallare il firmware. Per rendere nuovamente disponibile l'opzione, premere il pulsante Aggiornamento manuale firmware nell'angolo in alto a destra della finestra Firmware Manager: 


Questo sbloccherà l'opzione di aggiornamento del firmware per ogni dispositivo. Puoi quindi procedere ed eseguire l'aggiornamento/reflash del firmware sul dispositivo che desideri: