How do I remove the set screw in the ClubSport Pedals V3 brake assembly?

- Use a high quality hex/Allen key, ideally a driver type or T-shape (rather than L-shape) as this can help with hammering and leverage.
- Use the 'square' end of the hex/Allen tool, not the ball end.
- Adding some heat to the set screw (using a heat gun or hairdryer) can help to soften the thread-locking glue.
- A couple of taps with a hammer on the inserted hex/Allen tool can help to fully seat the wrench before attempting to turn the screw, plus this type of impact also helps to loosen the screw.
- If the set screw doesn't move, and you feel the tool rotate through one 'corner' of the socket, stop immediately to avoid further damaging the screw. We recommend contacting support. It may still be possible to remove the screw by using a Torx bit.
- If screw is completely damaged, the main bolt connecting the pedal arm to the brake assembly will need to be hammered out. This process can damage the bolt as well as the end of the brake assembly, and the parts will need to be replaced. We recommend that you send in your pedals for this process to be completed by a repair technician.