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CSL Pedals LC

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PC This product is compatible with PC. Click label for more details.
PS Ready This product becomes compatible with PlayStation systems when combined with a PlayStation-licensed Wheel Base. Click label for more details.
XBox Ready This product becomes compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S systems when combined with an Xbox-licensed Steering Wheel. Click label for more details.

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CSL Pedals
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CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit
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  • Three-pedal set (clutch, brake, throttle)
  • All-metal construction (excluding pedal faces). Pedals are made from heavy steel, which helps to prevent the set from sliding on the floor (if not hard-mounted to a rig)
  • Optional anodised aluminium pedal plates 
  • Contactless Hall sensors (12-bit) on both clutch and throttle for high precision and durability
  • Clutch pedal spring is stiffer than throttle pedal spring
  • Pedal position can be adjusted sideways along heel rest
  • Height-adjustable pedal faces
  • Modular design means inverted mounting to a rig is possible
  • Vertical rear plates allow pedals to be easily braced against a wall or other vertical surface
  • Pearl chrome plating on pedal bases and arms
  • Black powder coating on heel rest
  • Custom-designed load cell sensor
    • 12-bit precision
    • Load cell sensitivity (approx. 10 kg minimum) adjustable via Tuning Menu (or Fanatec Control Panel on PC)* 
  • Heavy-duty elastomer stack with 65 Shore hardness
  • Upgraded electronics 
    • USB or RJ12 connection (USB means you can use the CSL Pedals as a standalone USB device on PC)
    • Manual calibration of Min and Max values possible, settings saved to the internal memory



Compatible with:

  • All CSL Elite Wheel Bases
  • CSL DD Wheel Base
  • Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base
  • All ClubSport Wheel Bases
  • All Podium Wheel Bases


  • PC: The CSL Pedals LC can connect directly to a compatible Fanatec Wheel Base, or as a standalone input device via USB.
  • Consoles: This pedal set can be used on gaming consoles, if connected through a Fanatec Wheel Base / Racing Wheel. Check the Fanatec product page for relevant information on how the pedals connect to your console.

Special Notes

  • *When connected via RJ12 directly to the wheel base, brake sensitivity is adjusted using the BRF setting in the Tuning Menu, accessed by supported Fanatec steering wheels. The Tuning Menu can also be adjusted through the Fanatec Control Panel on PC, if the wheel base supports this feature. When the pedals are connected to a PC via USB, brake sensitivity is only adjustable in the Fanatec Control Panel.

What's included

  • CSL Pedals
    • Throttle pedal unit
    • Brake pedal unit with PU foam damper
    • Heel rest
    • 1x Wheel Base connection cable RJ12/RJ12 (~2m)
    • 1x Torx key 
    • M4x12 mounting bolts (only to mount pedals to heel rest)
    • Hard-mounting spacers
    • Replacement rubber feet (floor protection)
    • 1x Quick Guide
  • CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit
    • Load Cell Brake Pedal (pre-assembled)
    • 1x USB cable
    • 1x RJ12 to RJ12 cable
    • 1x Torx key
    • M4x12 Mounting bolts (only to mount pedals to heel rest)
    • 1x Quick Guide

Technical Specifications

  • Platform PC, PS4 Ready, XBox One Ready
  • Load cell brake Yes
  • Adjustable brake sensitivity Yes
  • Clutch pedal Yes
  • Degressive clutch No
  • ABS brake vibration No
  • Throttle vibration No
  • Horizontally adjustable Yes
  • Main material Metal
My accelerator/throttle/gas pedal is not working on my CSL Pedals. What should I do?

This can happen if the pedals are not connected properly. The cable arrangement is different if you are using the CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit. We have described the cable connections with and without Load Cell Kit below, please follow them carefully: 


Without Load Cell Kit: 

Gas pedal to wheel base (Gas 'Wheel Base/Load Cell' port TO 'Pedals' port in the wheel base) 

Brake pedal to Gas pedal (Brake RJ12 connector TO 'Brake' port in Gas pedal) 


With Load Cell Kit: 

Load Cell pedal to wheel base (Load Cell 'Wheel Base' port TO 'Pedals' port in the wheel base) 

Gas pedal to Load Cell pedal (Gas 'Wheel Base/Load Cell' port TO 'Load Cell' port in the Load Cell pedal) 

Clutch to Gas pedal (Clutch RJ12 Connector TO 'Clutch' port in the Gas pedal) 


CSL Load Cell pedal video guide: 


Warning! Connecting the cables to the wrong ports can damage the electronics and prevent the pedals from functioning. 


In case the pedal is still not recognised, please reach out to our Technical Support by opening a support ticket via the My Products section of your Fanatec account. 

My CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit feels too stiff, what can I do?

Reducing the Brake Force (BRF) value in the Tuning Menu means you reach 100% brake input with less pedal effort. We do not recommend replacing the elastomer springs with a softer material. The CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit is designed to offer heavy resistance, similar to that of a real race car pedal. A higher resistance is not only more realistic, but it is also more effective when training muscle memory for accurate threshold and trail braking. To get the most performance from this product, it is important to hard-mount your pedals to a rig or wheel stand, and use a secure seat, so that you have the confidence to repeatedly apply large forces on the brake pedal.

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