Registering a product manually and submitting a ticket

You can register your Fanatec hardware by logging into your account and navigating to the bottom of the "My Products" page and clicking on "Add Product".

Upon doing so, you will be prompted to find the product you wish to register.


Once you have selected your product, you will be asked to provide additional information:

  1. Serial Number - Please ensure the number is correct and complete
  2. Purchase Date - This information may be relevant regarding a potential warranty transfer
  3. Upload Invoice - This information can be provided by the seller and is critical regarding a potential warranty transfer
  4. Purchased at - Optional
  5. Add Product - Adds product to your account

If you selected the wrong product, clicking on "Change Product" allows you to select hardware from our database again.

Please note proper registration is necessary to proceed with support that may be covered by warranty. For support outside of the warranty period, our team is happy to support you, but would still need serial numbers to work on your inquiry as efficiently as possible.

Once your product is registered, the support button will become activated in your My Products overview:

In this example, you can see the first item is not registered, while the second item is and the green support button is activated.

If you click on "Support", you can then move on to the next steps by clicking "Proceed" at the bottom of the page:

You will be walked through addtional steps regarding your specific product and case, whereupon which you can submit your ticket.

FInally, it always speeds up the support process if you can send us a photo or video of your defective product or issue (if possible) and/or let us know which troubleshooting steps you've already taken.