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Podium Racing Wheel F1 (DD1 PS4) - PS4 compatibility list

The following PlayStation 4™ games / simulations are compatible to the "Podium Racing Wheel F1® - officially licensed for PS4™" (Firmware version 651 and newer):

Assetto Corsa
Dirt 4
Dirt Rally 2.0
F1 2017
F1 2018
Gran Turismo® Sport
Need for Speed - Payback
Project Cars*
Project Cars2
V-Rally 4

* - The wheel has to be set into compatibility mode ("PS4 comp Mode"), as shown in the video manua, to play the game:

In general, (simulation) racing games need to support PS4 licensed force feedback wheels, to be compatible to the Podium DD1 PS4. It is possible that older PS4 games which are not mentioned on the list, do not properly work in combination with this hardware, since the hardware did not exist when the game was developed and the game is not updated anymore. Game developers will receive the Fanatec PS4 SDK in order to support all Fanatec PS4 wheels as well as all special functions (Rev-Leds, Display, additional vibration motors, Multi-Position-Switches, etc.).