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Boost Kit 180 (8Nm)

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Availability date: Nov 23, 2021


  • Larger, 180W power supply unlocks full performance of CSL DD (standard power supply is 90W)
  • Designed and tested specifically for the CSL DD
  • Improves dynamic range (from 5 Nm to 8 Nm peak torque)


Wheel Base

  • CSL DD

The Boost Kit 180 is not compatible with any other Fanatec wheel base.


Special Notes

  • The CSL DD was designed and tested with the Boost Kit 180 in mind; its increased performance does not compromise the durability of the wheel base.
  • The wheel base electronics can detect whether a Boost Kit 180 is connected and will release the additional power automatically. 
  • This product has been tested to comply with all regional electronic safety standards. Using any other PSU voids the warranty of the wheel base and can cause hardware damage.

Packaging Details

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 33.5cm x 29cm x 6cm
  • Weight 1.7kg
  • Volume weight 1.16kg

What's included

  • 180W custom power supply
  • Power cables (regional)