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Boost Kit 180 (8Nm)

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  • Larger, 180W power supply unlocks full performance of CSL DD (standard power supply is 90W)
  • Designed and tested specifically for the CSL DD
  • Improves dynamic range (from 5 Nm to 8 Nm peak torque)


Wheel Base

  • CSL DD

The Boost Kit 180 is not compatible with any other Fanatec wheel base.


Special Notes

  • The CSL DD was designed and tested with the Boost Kit 180 in mind; its increased performance does not compromise the durability of the wheel base.
  • The wheel base electronics can detect whether a Boost Kit 180 is connected and will release the additional power automatically. 
  • This product has been tested to comply with all regional electronic safety standards. Using any other PSU voids the warranty of the wheel base and can cause hardware damage.
  • Only the standard 90W power supply or the Boost Kit 180 can be used with this wheel base. The use of any other power supply will void the wheel base warranty, is potentially dangerous and can lead to serious injury or death.

Packaging Details

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 33.5cm x 29cm x 6cm
  • Weight 1.7kg
  • Volume weight 1.16kg

What's included

  • 180W custom power supply
  • Power cables (regional)

It can happen in certain PC games, that your CSL DD is not being recognized. This is due to the fact that the product has not been implemented by all game developers, yet.

For that reason the CSL DD offers the Comp. V2.5 Mode as an alternative. The Comp. V2.5 Mode does no change to the Force Feedback but can enable button inputs, display and LED functionality in most cases.

For more details please visit our Forum and select the desired game to check for our recommended settings for the CSL DD:

En ciertos juegos de PC, puede suceder que no se reconozca su CSL DD. Esto se debe al hecho de que el producto aún no ha sido implementado por todos los desarrolladores de juegos.

Por esa razón, el CSL DD ofrece el modo “Comp. V2.5 Mode” como alternativa. El modo de compatibilidad V2.5 no cambia el Force Feedback, pero puede habilitar la señal o entrada de los botones, la pantalla y la funcionalidad LED en la mayoría de los casos.

 Para obtener más información, visite nuestro Foro y seleccione el juego deseado para verificar la configuración recomendada para CSL DD:

Può succedere che in alcuni giochi per PC il tuo CSL DD non venga riconosciuto.  

Ciò è dovuto al fatto che il prodotto non è stato ancora implementato da tutti gli sviluppatori di giochi.  

Per questo motivo il CSL DD offre il Comp. Modalità V2.5 come alternativa.  

Il comp. In modalità V2.5 non modifica il Force Feedback, ma nella maggior parte dei casi può abilitare l’uso dei pulsanti, il display e la funzionalità LED.  

Per maggiori dettagli, visita il nostro Forum e seleziona il gioco desiderato per verificare le nostre impostazioni consigliate per CSL DD:

The wheel base is not turning on

In case the wheel base is not able to power up while the PSU is showing no issues and the LED on it is on, please check the following:


  1.  Is the power button clicking properly?
  2.  Do you spot any visible damage on the power port on the wheel base?
  3.  In case there are no hardware issues visible, please try to start the base in bootloader mode. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds while the base is connected to a Windows PC with our driver installed. The firmware update will show up on the screen. Proceed with the update and try to power the base on again.


In case the PSU LED is off while the power supply is connected, please check the following:

  1.  Inspect the power supply and cables for any damage. (Make sure the PSU is NOT connected to the electrical network!)
  2.  If there is no visible damage, please try connecting the PSU to a different wall socket.


If the power supply LED is not turning on or the troubleshooting above does not help, please reach out to our technical support for further assistance.

Boost Kit 180 - Can I use a third-party power supply to get more torque out of my CSL DD base? Are there any Boost Kit alternatives? Boost Kit 180 - Puis-je utiliser une alimentation tierce pour obtenir plus de couple de ma base CSL DD ? Existe-t-il des alternatives au Boost Kit ? Boost kit 180- ¿Puedo utilizar una fuente de alimentación de otra marca para obtener más torque en mi base CSL DD? Hay más alternativas de boost kit disponibles? Boost Kit 180 – Kann ich ein Netzteil eines Drittanbieters verwenden um mehr Drehmoment aus meiner CSL DD Base zu bekommen? Gibt es irgendwelche Boost Kit Alternativen?

The short answer is NO. The Boost Kit 180 is specially developed for use with the CSL DD and its power capabilities are specially calculated in order to enable the extra amount of torque on your wheel base.


Important note!

Using any third-party power supply unit in order to replace the functionality of the Boost Kit 180 may damage your wheel base and void its warranty.

La réponse courte est non. Le Boost Kit 180 est spécialement développé pour être utilisé avec les bases CSL DD et ses capacités de puissance sont spécialement calculées afin de permettre la quantité supplémentaire de couple sur votre roue.


Note importante!

L'utilisation d'un bloc d'alimentation tiers pour remplacer la fonctionnalité du Boost Kit 180 endommagera votre roue et annulera sa garantie.

La respuesta corta es NO. El Kit Boost está especialmente desarrollado para su uso con las bases CSL DD y sus capacidades de potencia se calculan especialmente para permitir la cantidad correcta de torque con su base de volante.
El uso de cualquier unidad de fuente de alimentación de terceros con el fin de reemplazar la funcionalidad del boost kit, dañará la base de volante y anulará su garantía.  

Kurz gesagt: NEIN. Das Boost Kit 180 wurde speziell für die Verwendung mit der CSL DD entwickelt und die Leistungsfähigkeiten konkret berechnet um den höheren Drehmoment an dieser Wheel Base freizuschalten.


Wichtiger Hinweis!
Die Nutzung jeglicher Drittanbieter-Netzteile um die Funktion des Boost Kit 180 zu ersetzen kann Ihre Wheel Base beschädigen und die Garantie erlöschen lassen.

The power LED stays on only when you hold the power button. The base is not powering on. Why?

Such an issue can occur if you interrupt the firmware update procedure and can lead to bricking your base. Please make sure to never switch off your wheelbase during firmware updates.


In order to try to reflash the base and get it back to its proper working state. Please try the following:

  1. 1) Install the following driver package:
  2. 2) While your wheelbase is connected to your PC via the USB and it is turned off, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds in order to get the wheelbase into bootloader mode. Please attempt the firmware update.


In case the base is not able to go into bootloader mode and firmware update is not possible, then we would suggest having the base checked in our workshop.

Please reach out to our technical support for further assistance.

Oscillation when driving backwards. Is this normal?

Oscillation can be felt when driving in reverse. We are aware of this effect and we are in contact with the game developers in order to improve the feeling and remove the oscillations in question. This is not an issue and will not cause any problems to the product.  

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