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Forza Motorsport CSR Elite Wheel

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Packaging Details

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 39cm x 36cm x 39cm
  • Weight 8.79kg
  • Volume weight 8.79kg
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The CSR Wheel is a real hi-tech product with loads of features. Please read the manual before using it or if you are facing any problems.

Please only use the latest driver (144 and newer) if you already installed the latest firmware (756+) on your wheel.

After installing the latest firmware (756+) on your wheel please also install the latest driver on your PC (177+).
After the wheel is powered on it does not have to stop completely in the center position. The calibration may be checked in the driver menu (recommended) or inside a game and it can be corrected directly on the wheel. You can find additional information in the manual.
Shifter problems
Please test if the cable has a problem by using the long pedal cable on the shifters. Make sure that the 7GS is calibrated properly (you find more details in the manual). Please check the function on a PC inside the driver Menu if possible.
F1 2011 (Xbox 360)
Please reduce the damper setting (dpr: -3) in the Tuning-Menu to ensure the best ForceFeedback experience.
Racing rig or playseat compatibility
Please ask the producer of your favoured product if the Fanatec CSR/Porsche Wheels are compatible.
The wheel itself can be mounted using 4 standard M6 screws which may not reach further than 1,5cm inside the wheel base. Please tighten the screws gently and not too hard!
The RennSport Wheel Stand Shifter adapter could help you to mount the shifter wherever you want with normal M6 screws. We recommend to use the standard table clamp additionally to the screw fixation.
Measurements and weights:
  • Wheel - diameter: 30 cm
  • Wheel base - width and depth: 23 x 16 cm 
  • Pedals - width, height and depth: 35 x 15 x 27 cm 
  • Wheel - weight: ~ 2.5kg 
  • Pedals - weight: ~ 1.5 kg
Drilling template - additional information:
  1. When printing the Drilling Template at home, please make sure that the printsize is 100% (filesize = printsize). Therefore deactivate "automatic page scaling" in the print dialog for example.
  2. BEFORE drilling the holes, please check if the hole marks on your printed Drilling Template fits to the screw holes of your Porsche wheel. 
  3. Please note that the holes are not centered on the wheel.
Wheel bases not recognised in Steam games

Follow these steps to potentially solve the problem:

  1. Open the Steam application
  2. Select "View"
  3. Select "Settings"
  4. Select "Controller"
  5. In "General Controller Settings", uncheck the checkbox for "Generic Gamepad Configuration Support".

If the issue persists, reinstall the Steam Client.

How to set the CSR (Elite) Wheel into PlayStation 3 Mode Comment configurer le volant CSR (Elite) en mode Playstation 3? How to set the CSR (Elite) Wheel into PlayStation 3 Mode

To set the CSR Wheel or the CSR Elite Wheel (CSRE) into PS3 Mode please follow these steps:

1. Connect your CSR (E) Wheel to your Playstation 3 by USB.
2. Power the wheel on. After the init-sequence it will engage the  standby mode (display shows "- - - ").
3. Now start the PC mode first by pressing the "Back Button" for one second
4. Now you can switch to PS3 mode - press and hold the "Select Button" and the "Connect Button" simulanously for one second.

Please do that in the PS3 menu before you start a game. A blue dot in the display will indicate the PS3 mode is engaged. Please check the Manual how to do that:
CSR Elite Manual (English - PDF)

Alternatively you can also watch the video manual which also shows how to start the PS3 mode. It works the same way on the "standard" CSR Wheel:


Pour configurer le volant CSR Wheel ou CSR  Elite (CSRE)  en mode Playstation 3, veuillez suivre les étapes suivantes:

1. Branchez le volant CSR (E) sur la Playstation 3 via USB.
2. Alumez le volant. Après la réinitialisation, le mode veille va s'activer (l'écran affiche "---").
3. Lancez le mode PC en appuyant sur le "Back/Select Button" pendant une seconde.
4. Passez au mode PS3 en appuyant et maintenant simultanément le "Back / Select bouton" et le bouton "Connect" pendant une seconde.
Veuillez faire cette manipulation dans le menu PS3 avant de commencer un jeu. Un point rouge à l'écran indique que le mode PS3 est enclenché.
Veuillez consulter le manuel pour savoir comment faire:
Vous également regarder la vidéo qui montre comment démarrer le mode PS3. Cela fonctionne de la même façon sur le volant CSR:

CSR Wheel 、 the CSR Elite Wheel (CSRE)を PS3 モードへ変更する操作は以下の手順です。

1. CSR (E) Wheel を Playstation 3 に USBで接続
2. wheel電源 on.  初期シーケンス後 スタンドバイモードに入る (ディスプレー表示は  "- - - ").
3. まずBackボタンを一秒間おしてPC mode へスイッチ
4.  "Select Button" と the "Connect Button"を同時に一秒押して PS3 modeへスイッチ

上記操作をPS3メニューの段階で実行ください。ディスプレーの赤い点はPC3モードに入ったことを示しています。 詳細はマニュアルも参照ください。
CSR Elite Manual (English - PDF)

以下のビデオマニュアルでは動画でPS3モード起動の仕方を確認することができます。標準CSR wheelでも方法は同じです。

What's the difference between the standard CSR and the CSR Elite Wheel (CSRE) Quelle sont les différences entre le volant CSR et le CSR Elite (CSRE)?


  • Compatible to all 3 major game platforms for racing enthusiasts: PC, PS3 and Xbox 360
  • Multiple settings and modifications possible through the unique tuning menu
  • Smooth and precision force feedback due belt-drive system

CSR Wheel advantages:

  • Unbeatable value for its price
  • Table clamp integrated
  • Precise tracking of wheel movement by optical sensor technology

CSR Elite Wheel advantages:

  • Synthetic material on wheel rim covered by comfortable rubber coating
  • Aluminum on wheel is covered by real carbon fibre
  • Wheel base: Solid aluminum construction
  • Dual motor system for faster and stronger Force Feedback
  • DirectSensor™ technology mounted on main axis for even more precise tracking of wheel movements

For additional information please check the product pages and the wheel comparison chart.


  • Compatible avec les 3 grandes plates-formes de jeux pour les amateurs de course: PC, PS3 et Xbox 360
  • Possibilité de paramètrage et de modifications multiples via le menu de réglage tuning
  • Retour de force de précision grâce au système d'entraînement par courroie
Avantages du volant CSR:
  • Un rapport qualité/prix imbattable
  • Pince de table intégrée
  • Un suivi précis des mouvements du volant grâce à la technologie du capteur optique
Avantages du volant CSR Elite:
  • Matériau synthétique du volant couvert par un revêtement en caoutchouc confortable
  • L’aluminium présent sur le volant est recouvert de véritable fibre de carbone
  • Wheel base: construction solide en aluminium
  • Système à double moteur pour un retour de force plus rapide et plus puissant
  • La technologie DirectSensor ™ monté sur l'axe principal pour le suivi encore plus précis des mouvements du volant
Pour plus d'informations, veuillez consulter les pages produits et le tableau de comparaison des volants.
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